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How To Get Ready For A DMV Hearing There will be prevention of your driver’s license the moment that you will be requesting a DMV hearing. It is a must that you will request a hearing within seven days the moment that you have taken a breath test or the officer has alleged you of refusing to have one. If there is a blood sample that has been taken then it is here that you will be able to keep your license. But the moment that the result is out, the Department of Revenue will be sending you a letter informing you of the pending revocation. When this happens, then it is a must that you will be able to request a hearing within 10 days after the letter has been sent. You have to see to it that you will be considering come factors when it comes to the DMV hearing. When you are impaired with alcohol, it is the arresting officer that will show a probable cause. It is also a probability that there will be a determination the moment that you will refuse a breath analyzer test. There should be more than .08 of the result when you have taken the BAC. If you are under the age of 21 years old, then the result should be more than .02. There will also be determination that you under the influence the moment that you will refuse the tests. You also have to know that the hearing officer will not take not account any good character evidence that you have or any reason why you should keep your driver’s license. It is the above reasons that they will be looking into. Compared to any other court cases, there are differences in a DMV hearing. You will not be needing a multitude of evidence in a DMV hearing. In a DMV hearing also that you will not be given a chance to prove that you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This means that the hearing officer will find a lower standards to identify if you are guilty or not. It is a small amount of evidence that they will need to prove that you are guilty of the charge. Therw will be a much more complex form of evidence in a court case to prove your guilt.
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In a DMV hearing, there are also times that your drivers licensed will not be revoked. The revocation of driver’s license though has happened to the majority of drivers that has been under a DMV hearing. If the DMV defense that you have will be able to show a good legal or factual issue, then there is a chance that you will win the case. The moment that the arresting officer will not be able to show up at the hearing, then you will also win the case.
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A DMV defense lawyer by your side will be able to help you with regards to these hearings. The laws and the rules and regulation that covers your case is known by them.